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Group Commander, South Carolina Wing 

Group Commander, South Carolina Wing 

Closeout Date:  7 September 2021 


Group commanders represent the wing commander in their group. They are responsible to the Corporation and the wing commander for ensuring that corporation objectives, policies, and operational directives are effectively executed within their group. They shall: 

- Exercise command over all units in their group.  
- Promote objectives and purposes of CAP by encouraging the achievement of established goals and programs by all units and by establishing new goals and programs within the group in support of the Corporation’s objectives.  
- Establish plans, policies, and procedures necessary to the proper conduct of group affairs that are not in conflict with national, region, and wing policies and directives.  
- Be aware of accomplishments, problems, and degree of compliance by subordinate units with policies and directives through a system of inspections, reports, and staff visits. Inform the wing commander of progress toward achievement of objectives, notable accomplishments, problem areas, and other matters of interest.  
- Ensure safety of personnel and equipment through effective policy guidance regarding safety procedures and equipment.  
- Select and appoint high caliber group staff members and remove from group staff positions those members deemed unqualified or otherwise unsuitable to continue in their positions.  
- Coordinate with the Wing Commander on the appointment of high caliber commanders of subordinate units when replacements are needed or removal of unit commanders whenever they are considered unqualified or otherwise unsuitable.  
- Refer problems that cannot be resolved at group level to the wing vice commander and/or wing commander 
Group commanders should be familiar with the Civil Air Patrol Constitution and Bylaws, all CAP governing directives and all policy matters affecting their command. 

Qualifications: Officers who meet the following minimum qualifications are invited to apply.  

- Must be a member in good standing  
- Completed Level III of the CAP Professional Development program  
- Possess demonstrated executive management expertise  
- Have a strong leadership background  
- Have strong writing and briefing skills  
- Possess strong analytic skills  
- (Preferred) Budget and asset allocation experience within or external to CAP  
- (Preferred) Five years supervisory experience gained within or outside CAP  
- (Preferred) Served successful term as a unit commander  

Duties and Responsibilities:  

- Orchestrate the operation of the Group Staff and ensure ongoing support to CAPs assigned missions  
- Attend Quarterly Wing Commander Calls 
- Participate in Monthly Command Staff Calls 
- Assist the SCWG/CC in establishing plans, policies, and procedures necessary to the fulfillment of the CAP mission consistent with the directives of higher headquarters.  
- Remain informed of the Wing’s/Group’s accomplishments, problems, and degree of compliance with regulations and other directives through personal observations, inspections, reports, and staff meetings.  
- Support the units’ and groups’ training needs with coordination of Group/Wing Staff 
- Inspire, equip, and supervise assigned staff.  
- Ensure that complaints and grievances are resolved fairly, impartially, and promptly.  
- Initiate recommendations for awards and decorations.  
- Promote an understanding and appreciation of CAP in the local community.  
- Promote CAPs congressionally-chartered missions.  
- Represent the SCWG/CC as needed at functions across the wing 
- Uphold the CAP Core Values of Integrity, Volunteer Service, Excellence, and Respect.  
- Other duties that may be assigned  

Candidates should be familiar with the Civil Air Patrol Constitution and Bylaws, CAP governing directives, and all policy matters South Carolina Wing.  

Application Process: 

- Applicants will be evaluated based on their written materials and an interview 
- Resume, Bio, and/or CV 
- Letter of intent stating why you desire the position and what your vision for the group would be 

Application Deadline – 7 September 2021 

Sent to Lt Col Mitch Monroe at 

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