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*Watch for specific course offerings from Capt Karen Taylor

Capt Karen Taylor has a wide span of classes in the works including earning specialty track ratings, moving forward in Education & Training Levels, how to write awards, and more. To contact her directly, please reach out to her at


*Visit Capt Bob Roberts’ YouTube Channel here:

Capt Roberts will teach nearly any of these topics in a virtual session with your squadron, you just need to contact him at

*Aerospace Education History: Capt Erick Nason  

Interested in knowing more about historic aircraft? Capt Erick Nason, in his role as historian for the Wing, can come talk about aircraft and the history of aircraft!  Contact Capt Nason at


*Leadership and Cadet Programs: Lt Col George Stanley

As the Director of Cadet Programs for the South Carolina Wing, a former Unit Commander and a United States Air Force veteran, Lt Col Stanley definitely has a few leadership lessons under his belt. Invite him to visit your squadron’s virtual meetings to work through some of the leadership lessons found in the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Programs Curriculum.  Contact him at

*How to Keep Cadets Motivated & Jazzed During COVID:

Quizziz, Kahoot!, mail in the mailbox for hands-on activities, prizes, prizes, and prizes!! Capt Mercer has ideas that were used in her squadron during the first virtual COVID year. She can tell you about activities they did to help the squadron stay on track and motivated. Contact her at  

*Completing Feedback Forms—Why They’re Important and How to Get Them Done

This class taught by Lt Col Stanley will help cadet programs officers understand why this is an important element of the promotion process, and will help cadets understand why this piece of the program gives them a way to make SMART goals and helps them grow! Contact Lt Col George Stanley at

*The Citadel: How to Apply, the Palmetto Scholarship, and Life at The Citadel

Capt Nick Paramore is twice a graduate of The Citadel, and is willing to come talk about the application process to The Citadel and about his experience there.  Contact Capt Paramore at

*Character Development Instruction: 

If the Commander is the only Character Development Instructor in the Unit and you’d like a break from teaching that lesson, there are two options—your squadron can attend the Monday  meeting focusing on CDI monthly offered Wing-wide OR request a CDI come teach virtually. Although there are other Chaplains/CDIs in the South Carolina Wing, those who have indicated their willingness to assist other units are:  

Ch/Capt William Lindner:, SCWG Chaplain

Lt Col George Stanley:, SCWG Director of Cadet Programs

Capt Nick Paramore:, SCWG Inspector General

SMSgt William Jackson:, Group 2 NCO

Capt Billy Wison:, Chaplain’s Assistant

If one of these Chaplains or CDIs cannot meet the needs of your squadron, please reach out to a neighboring squadron to see if their Chaplain/CDI/Commander can assist you.  

*CyberPatriot, CyberCamps & the New Cyber Aerospace Module:

TSgt J. Brian Idol, CyberPatriot Coach, is willing to talk with your squadron about the CyberPatriot experience, how to begin a CyberPatriot team, and why Cyber is an important part of the Cadet Program experience. He has hosted four Cybercamps over the last two summers in addition to working with CyberPatriot teams for 3 years. TSgt Idol may also be able to review the forthcoming Cyber Aerospace Module produced by Cadet Programs for cadets who are in the first 8 Achievements, if the information is released prior to any class he might schedule.


*Virtual Dinner with the Commander: Col Chris Peterson

Col Chris Peterson invites you to dinner….virtually. Col Peterson will visit your unit’s meeting, and together, you and your members can have a virtual dinner. Ask questions about Civil Air

Patrol, pilot life, how he moved from cadet to Commander, and more!  

Contact him at

*Preparing for an SUI from a Commander’s Perspective: Capt Rachael Mercer

On the night I took command of ACE Basin someone shook my hand and said, “good luck on the SUI.” Eight months later, ACE Basin completed an SUI in the middle of a pandemic and saw a decrease in discrepancies from around 18 to 3. (One was a repeat so it counted twice.) Come learn about the steps the leadership team and I took to be sure that the 2022 SUI is discrepancy-free.  

Contact her at

*Subordinate Unit Inspections: Why They Matter & How to Be Successful—Capt Nick Paramore

Continued compliance is the key to successful subordinate unit inspections. Understand from Capt Nick Paramore what the SUI team is looking for, the objective way that grading is done, and why following the regulations is a sure-fire way to be discrepancy-free on your squadron’s next SUI. Learn about Capt Paramore’s goal tor the Wing regarding total discrepancies for the cycle!  

Contact him at


*SCWG & small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) Overview: Lt Col Mitch Monroe

Participants in this briefing will learn about the CAP sUAS program in general, while also gaining knowledge about the current state of the South Carolina Wing sUAS program. Discussion will center on mission sets that Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters envisions members of South Carolina Wing supporting, the current assets that SCWG possesses, and the way ahead to achieve mission-ready status.

Contact Lt Col Monroe at

*sUAS Mission Pilot and Technician Course: Lt Col Mitch Monroe

The CAP small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) program uses a variety of small unmanned aerial vehicles to provide information to incident commanders and to further aerospace education.  The sUAS Team is comprised of a UAS Mission Pilot and Technician and can be mobilized to support local, state or national efforts.  CAP sUAS Teams have deployed overseas and were used recently to help locate a missing person in North Carolina.  The training involves independent study, discussion on specific topics, and hands-on flying to perform specific tasks.  On-line discussions to cover SQTR tasks will be held on a recurring basis and can also be scheduled for a unit.  Each discussion will last between 60-90 minutes. Contact him at

*Effective Ground Team Communications: 1st Lt Chris Medlin

1st Lt Medlin will teach basic radio communications techniques and considerations for ground teams. This class is beneficial for cadets or senior members at all levels of Communication experience.  

Contact 1st Lt Medlin at

*GTM3 or GTM2: Academic Workshops Capt Erick Nason

Capt Erick Nason can help your squadron members complete the academic, classroom portion of the Ground Team Training. The South Carolina Wing definitely needs more members ready to perform our ground team missions, and one of the early steps to getting ready is the classroom training.  

Contact Capt Nason at


The Operations Staff will offer courses in addition to these; in September, members are encouraged to take the MARSAR courses for Mission Scanner, Mission Observer, Mission Pilot, etc., which are offered with Region-level instruction. Other courses will be offered and information published to the calendar. 


*Social Media: Why It Matters & How Every Member Can Extend Their Squadron’s Reach

Come learn what steps to take to increase your squadron’s reach—it’s not just public affairs, but a sneaky way to accomplish some recruiting while spreading the word about what’s happening at your squadron.  

Contact Capt Mercer:

*Photography Basics for Civil Air Patrol: Capt Norwood Bodie

Not every point and shoot photo has the same value. Whether you’re using a big camera or a cell phone to record the events at your squadron or Wing level event, there are some basics to photography that will help improve the quality of your PA work!  Contact Capt Bodie at

*Basic News Writing: Capt David Bennett

Most Civil Air Patrol members don’t have a degree in journalism, and that’s OKAY! You can still write a quality news release that will get read and published—you just need to remember some basic writing techniques. Come refresh on the five Ws & one H!  Contact Capt Bennett at  

*Legislative Day: What Is It & Why It Matters:

Each year members of Civil Air Patrol travel to Washington, D.C. to meet with members of Congress, except in 2021, when we attended Legislative Day virtually. Why does this day matter? How can you prepare to be of assistance to the South Carolina Wing if the 2022 version of Legislative Day is held virtually?  

Contact Lt Col Nicole Shaffner,

*Squadron Websites: How to Make One, Why You Need One, and How to Get Started

This class is taught by1 Lt Chris Belczyk, the senior member and Wing IT Assistant responsible for the upkeep, maintenance, and expansion of the South Carolina Wing website. All squadrons need a website, and Lt Belczyk can help your cadets and senior members learn how to put it together.  

Contact 1Lt Belczyk at


*Elevator Speeches: How Can You Tell the Story of CAP?

Join Maj Norm Spurling, the SCWG Recruiting & Retention Officer, to learn about the purpose of an elevator speech and how to make yours. What phrases are interesting to your audience? What should you AVOID saying? Since each member is a recruiting officer—after all, our lives are telling a story—allow Maj Spurling to help you put this story into words. Contact him at

*Connecting with Community: Cross Promotion & Partnerships

Similar to the class on social media, this class would examine practical ways that your squadron can engage with those in the community, increasing your reach on social media and in person. End result? Hopefully some recruiting!  Contact Capt Mercer at

*Aerospace Education Memberships: Capt Rachael J. Mercer 

Capt Mercer can help explain the AEM program and give you tips and tricks for recruiting some of these people. Did you know AEMs are technically members and can come present Aerospace Education topics at your squadron? Let them help you out, especially in virtual world. Contact her at

*Transcripts, Scholarships & Leadership:

In the recruiting/retention vein, this class is geared toward homeschool families who view Civil Air Patrol as a way to strengthen their homeschool transcript. Plus, the leadership abilities that are developed in Civil Air Patrol (and not in a traditional school setting) and the scholarships that Civil Air Patrol offers are beneficial to them. I would be willing to teach this class to a squadron at large or to help a squadron host a virtual webinar for homeschool families/co-ops (recruiting).  Contact Capt Rachael Mercer at


Maj Greenwood offers Safety Workshops for 30 minutes 4 Wednesday nights each month.

They begin at 7:30pm and end promptly at 8pm. Every other week is geared toward pilots and the remaining two weeks are geared toward general safety topics. If your squadron wishes for its members to obtain safety education credit by attending these meetings, please connect with him to attend the meeting as guests. The courses listed below are in addition to the weekly Wednesday Safety Classes he already offers Wing-wide.  

*See the Safety Team on TEAMS or the Wing Calendar

Wednesdays, 7:30-8:00pm

*How to Write a Safety Plan & What To Do Once You Have One

Are you unfamiliar with the safety forms? Don’t know where to upload a safety form once it is completed? Safety Forms in Phase One and beyond will be very important. Come learn from Capt Billy Wilson, Group 3 Safety Officer, how to write a safety plan and complete the safety forms.  

Contact him at

*Mishap reporting: Always a two step process

Many people don’t know what qualifies as a mishap, nor do they know how to file a mishap report. Why not? Come learn from Maj Greenwood, the South Carolina Wing Safety Officer, how to identify what qualifies as a mishap. Then, walk through the online steps with him for the manner in which to report the mishap. And last, learn about the second step in the process.  Contact him at

*Health, Wellness & their link to Safety:

Lt Col Tina Peterson & Capt Rachael Mercer

Staying healthy and fit is part of the Cadet Program’s PT goals, part of the Chaplain’s Five Pillars of Wellness and can be part of….safety?! Yes! Lt Col Peterson & Capt Mercer will combine some of their experiences over the last two years meeting their health & fitness goals, with a focus on how those healthy choices are tied to safety!  

Contact Lt Col Peterson to schedule at

*Safety Officer Technician Rating: How to Enroll in the Specialty Track & How to Earn This Rating

If everyone’s a safety officer, why is this position such a difficult role to fill in each squadron?

Many times the Commander ends up doing the job because no member will step forward. Work through the steps to enrolling in the specialty track, understand the basic responsibilities of a safety officer, and see what steps are necessary to earn the technician rating in the safety officer specialty track in this class taught by Capt Billy Wilson.  

Contact him at



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