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SC Wing 2022 Summer Encampment

Here is a few video from this year's encampment

SCWG Encampment Highlights

2022 Wing Encampment

25 June 2022 - 2 July 2022 - McCrady Training Center, Eastover, SC


See Packing List on the right side of this page under links.

Senior Member Staff Application -open until filled

Executive Cadre Application - Closed

Cadre Application - Closed

Student Application Open Please note that this registration is only for cadets who have earned the Achievement 1 Curry award, have not earned encampment credit yet, and receive a positive recommendation from their unit commander.


Important Dates

11 June 2022 – Encampment Staff Training SC Wing HQ

24 June 2022 – Encampment Staff Report – McCrady Training Center, Eastover, SC

25 June 2022 – Basic/Students Report to McCrady Training Center, Eastover, SC



In-State Cadets - $150 and Out Of State Cadets - $180. The link to pay your tuition via credit card for encampment will be sent as soon as you are slotted for encampment. Please make your payment by Friday, June 10, 2022. If you plan to pay your, squadron, please notify the SC Wing Encampment Admin Team listed below so the funds will be transferred between your unit and the wing.



The Cadet Encampment Assistance Program (CEAP) is an available option and the application process (separate – through e-Services) will open on March 1st. The link to apply for CEAP is CEAP .

It is encouraged to apply as soon as possible as funds have been distributed as first come, first served in the past for this program.


To Register for SC Wing Encampment 1. Complete the questionnaire located at

- Please ensure that email addresses for yourself and your unit commander are accurate as errors will prevent you from receiving the link to download your forms; prefer email address if possible

- Please select Cadet for member type, and Student/Basic (Not cadre)

- If you have errors with your original questionnaire submission, please do not submit more than one response as you will receive an error message if you use the same CAPID; please contact encampment admin if you need to re-accomplish the entire questionnaire


2. Check your email for a link to download your encampment forms, checking Spam/Junk if you have not received it within 10 minutes


3. Review your forms for accuracy and completion, and sign electronically or print and sign with ink

- Please notify encampment admin if you correct any data on your forms

- Cadets <18 years old must have at least one parent/guardian signature on pages 2 & 4


4. Forward your forms to your unit commander, deputy commander, or designated representative; unit commander will sign (electronically or with ink), scan into pdf <10MB, and upload to the link provided to the commander email provided on your questionnaire


5. Once you have been registered, you will receive a link to make the payment online

- May pay online using credit card, or directly to unit, or with CEAP scholarship; please notify encampment admin if you pay your unit directly or have been approved for CEAP.


Completed forms must be signed and uploaded by Fri 10 Jun. SC Wing cadets and older cadets with more time in the program will receive priority until 03 Jun at which point all applicants will be slotted until the capacity is reached. If we have capacity, no cadet will be turned away.


The Leadership Team

Encampment Commander and Director of Cadet Programs, Lt Col George Stanley – Commandant, Capt Norwood Bodie – Admin Team, Capt Jane Proell –; Maj Karen Taylor –; Lt. Jamie; Lt. Sharon Knight –



Have questions that you were not able to find on answer to on this site? Contact a team member listed above!

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