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SC Wing 2023 Summer Encampment

SC Wing 2023 Summer Encampment Leadership:
Commander: Maj Norwood Bodie
Commandant: Lt Col James Brogan
Deputy Commander for Support: Capt Rachael Mercer
Cadet Commander: TBA
Cadet Deputy Commander for Operations: TBA
Cadet Deputy Commander for Support: TBA
First Sergeant: TBA

Important Dates:
Staff Training Academy 28-30 Oct 2022
Intended for members who are ready to serve on staff at CTW and summer encampment 2023, primarily cadets who have attended a student encampment and are ready for staff, as well as SMs who have completed Level 1 and are CPPT current
- Application questionnaire: TBA

Cadet Training Weekend 27-29 Jan 2023
Intended for all members who are eligible to serve on staff or attend as students in an advanced training flight (have completed at least 1 encampment) or basic student flight (have not completed an encampment yet). Goal is to prepare for summer encampment.
- Application questionnaire: TBA

Summer Encampment 08-15 Jul 2023
The main event, intended for all members who want to experience a transformative event, gain practical leadership/followership experience, and open the door to phase 3 and CAP NCSAs.
- Application questionnaire: TBA

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